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Screen Printing

A dynamic, professional-looking print that lasts, perfect for any custom apparel project.

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When and Where is Screen Printing the Best Option?

Screen printing out performs in various scenarios, making it a versatile choice for many projects.

Large Orders: Due to its setup process, screen printing is most cost-effective for bulk orders. If you're looking to produce a large number of items with the same design, this method offers both quality and value.

Vibrant Designs: Screen printing provides vibrant colors that are especially noticeable on darker fabrics. If you want a design that truly pops, it's hard to beat this method.

Durable Prints: Looking for apparel that can endure multiple washes without fading? The curing process in screen printing ensures that designs remain crisp and bright for a long time.

Uniforms and Merchandise: From sports teams' jerseys to band merch, screen printing ensures consistency across all items, ensuring a uniform and professional look.

Simpler Designs: While screen printing can handle intricate patterns, it truly excels with simpler designs, where each color can be distinctly represented.


Branded Hi-Vis Apparel

Stay safe and professional on your job site with our high-quality hi-vis work apparel. At White House Custom, we offer customized screen printing services to build your brand safely. Contact us to learn more about our hi-vis work apparel options and how we can help your team look and feel their best on the job.

Branded SPF 50+ Apparel

At White House Custom Screenprinting, we offer a range of branded apparel options to help promote your business or organization. Our SPF fishing shirts are a popular choice, featuring your logo or design prominently displayed. Our expert team is here to help you create the perfect custom design that will showcase your brand in the best possible light.

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